January 13: NeverEnding Story by Limahl


Watch NeverEnding Story here

The Neverending Story was one of the most beloved films of the 1980s – I mean who hasn’t wished at some point they couldn’t own Falkor as a pet?
But it isn’t just the film that has stuck in people’s minds – 33 years after it came out, the synth-pop theme song still brings back memories of the magical world of Fantasia.
Limahl had already achieved a number 1 hit as part of Kajagoogoo with the song Too Shy when he was approached to perform the theme tune, which was co-written by superstar producer Georgio Moroder.
He recorded versions in both English and French, featuring Beth Anderson on the English version and Ann Calvert on the French one.
It reached number 1 in Japan, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland, as well as number 2 here in South Africa.
But after that Limahl pretty much disappeared from the music scene, only emerging from time to time to appear as a contestant on TV shows like The Weakest Link and I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.


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