January 27: I see Fire by Ed Sheeran

1hobbitWatch “I See Fire” here

When you as a movie director choose an artist to write/sing a song for your soundtrack, it helps if the person you choose is a life-long fan of the subject matter. And that’s just what happened when Ed Sheeran was chosen to write the theme tune for the Hobbit movie The Desolation of Smaug.

According to Wikipedia, Sheeran’s grandfather owns a first edition copy of the book and it was the first story Sheeran’s dad read to him.

That passion and knowledge comes across in this epic power ballad, which despite seeming like a quiet folk song at first builds to a crescendo with a feeling of characters marching towards potential doom.

The song reached number one in New Zealand, Norway and Sweden and was nominated for best original song at the Satellite Awards, although surprisingly missed out on Oscar nomination.

The song only came out just over three years ago but has already been covered by Peter Hollens, Kygo, Sole Mio and the popular Irish group Celtic Woman, as well as appearing numerous times on reality singing contests like The Voice.

Given his excellent work on this track, let’s hope Sheeran gets commissioned to do more soundtrack work in the future.


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