February 9, 2017: “Eve of the War” by Jeff Wayne (Ben Liebrand remix)


“Watch “Eve of the War” here

Maybe it’s just because I’d been watching the South African State of the Nation Address, but I got the urge to find this apocalyptic sci-fi classic today.
HG Wells wrote The War of the Worlds between 1895 and 1897, but almost a century later it was inspiring a top 10 dance hit.
Famously in 1938, a radio broadcast of the story caused panic when listeners thought the world was actually being invaded.
But it took until 1978 for it to take on musical form, when Jeff Wayne turned it into a progressive rock and orchestral album, with the voices of then teen heart-throb David Essex, actor Richard Burton, Phil Lynot from rock band Thin Lizzy and Julie Covington of Evita fame.
It topped the album charts but was then surprisingly catapulted back to public attention a decade later when Dutch dance music DJ Ben Liebrand remixed the song Eve of the War and took it to number 3 in the UK charts.
Whichever version of the song/book/movie you prefer, hopefully it will take your mind off our real world political problems. At least for a few minutes.


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