Have a geeky Valentine

In about 10 minutes it will be Valentine’s day. Tomorrow morning people will be handing out gifts like chocolates, cards, plush toys with hearts and flowers.

No knowing my geek community you are either: 1. As ready as can be. You have gone totally overboard and the room is filled with flowers and balloons and magic creatures. OR, most likely 2: Totally forgot and will be in hot water (and not the Spa’s hot water that you might need to book, to make up for this). But don’t worry, we got you covered….

We know you don’t want to pay R50 for a stupid card with a weird little sausage dog on it. We know you don’t want to pay for a fluffy teddy with hearts and flower – it most probably makes you sneeze in anyway.

So come down to Geek World in Main Road Walmer and come get some real gifts that both of you will appreciate a lot more. A few examples:

Plush toys with a difference  

15094902_1468727953143061_1341158531741021850_n img_8468 img_8534 img_8357 img_8371 img_8375


We have a wide variety of plush toys that will suit your geeky heart! From the Simpsons, Digimon, Iron Man, Star Wars and lots more


Fandom Jewelry

font-b-glass-b-font-cabochons-bracelets-bangles-bioshock-infinite-font-b-bird-b-font font-b-supernatural-b-font-font-b-necklace-b-font-pentagram-pentacle-font-b-castiel new-bbc-font-b-television-b-font-font-b-doctor-b-font-who-tardis-police-box ravenclaw rbvaefdnraoacez9abagogwfjiy620 vintage-marvel-thor-loki-helmet-avengers-pendant-necklace-gold-mask-cosplay-helmet-crown-new-gift

We have anything you can think off, from Harry Potter, Dr Who, Wonder Woman, Bioshock and lots more available.

Wacky Wobblers



funko_thor_wacky_wobbler_2_grande funko-teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles-michelangelo-wacky-wobbler_6514403 marvel_classic_iron_man_extreme_head_knocker_-_92216007715_1

We love Wacky Wobblers. They are cute, fun and very collectable



9f07e94b849d76ee7f9e87bf2673d00e 16195443_1548667915149064_2085315631046556946_n wd1

Choose from our ‘not so normal’ cards. Walking Dead, Sharknado, Spiderman, Superman and lots more themes in store. We even have wrapped chocolates. You just can’t go wrong.

We have boardgames to make for a romantic night playing games, drinking wine and staying in




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