February 15: The Time Warp by Damian

1damian.jpgWatch “The Time Warp” here

We hadn’t planned to feature this song today, but suddenly discovered that the singer had died this week, so it seemed as good a reason as any to focus on it.

The Time Warp is an iconic song from The Rocky Horror (Picture) Show, with much of its lyrics spelling out the song’s dance moves. The musical was originally staged in 1973 and made into a film later the same decade.
In 1987 English singer Damian released an updated version of the song, including a rapped portion.
Originally failing to make an impact on the charts the song was rereleased in 1988 and then remixed in 1989, eventually reaching number 7 in the UK and number 9 in South Africa.
Damian only had one other UK top 50 single, Wig Wam Bam, which peaked at number 49.
He died earlier this week after a battle with cancer, aged 52.


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