Beauty and the Beast Movie coming soon

Can we say: EXCITED MUCH???? Okay I’m excited and I just can’t wait for the movie to hit South Africa. How can we not love Bell? How can you not fall in love with  Beast – did you see that man’s library? HE HAS A LIBRARY!!!

It seems like the remake stayed very true to the original, which to me, is great. How can you improve on ‘a tale as old as time’? (See what I did there 😉 )

Beauty and the Beast is very close to my heart and when I saw the movie was being made I jumped to find merchandise. Any excuse would have been good enough.


This necklace is really special to me. The flower in the dome is the ultimate symbol of Beauty and the Beast. R110


A tale as old as time necklace R90


One of my favorites – a keyring with the words: Until the last petal falls. R60 each


I think this necklace is special to not only Beauty and the Beast lovers, but also to anybody that loves books. I wear mine proud ❤



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