March 4: “Something Just Like This” by Chainsmokers and Coldplay

1coldchainWatch “Something Just Like This (lyric video)” here

Up until now we’ve mainly feature older songs, but this hot new release is both so catchy and extremely geeky, we just had to feature it.
Premiered at the Brits Awards a couple of weeks ago, the song is a collaboration between one of the world’s hottest dance music acts, The Chainsmokers and Britpop veterans Coldplay.
With lyrics about a relationship where one person wants to be a hero and the other is saying they don’t need someone with superhuman gifts, and direct references to Spider-Man, Batman, Superman and Hercules, it’s definitely going to catch DC and Marvel fans’ attention.
The song shot up from number 30 to number 2 on the British chart this week (currently being held off the top by Ed Sheeran) and is climbing the charts in most other countries too.
The fact that both groups have strong fan bases definitely helps, but this song is so catch, it was destined to be a hit regardless.


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