Difference between vinyl print, heat transfers and silk-screening

A lot of customers has been asking us what is the difference between the different printing options. So here is a quick summery:

Heat transfer: This is a print – it is printed by a inkjet printer and then ironed / pressed onto the shirt. This is the cheapest option of printing and they do not last long. We have decided to not offer this option anymore, unless it is for a shirt that will only be worn once or twice (think kiddies 1st birthday shirts)

Vinyl:  This is the print we prefer to use at the moment. It is cut out by a vinyl cutter. So silhouettes, text etc is a great option. This can however not be used for photos etc.  Vinyl lasts for years and a good option

Silk-screening: This is a more detailed print. We can print photos etc. The silk-screening lasts as long as the shirt lasts.



    • Good day Edward, We prefer using PnP Clothing tshirts as their quality is really good and it helps us keep the price low. We also use VicBay for the hoodies etc.


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