Geeky Song of the Day July 12: Cosmogony by Bjork

bjork cosmo
Watch “Cosmogony” here

We’ve never been to sure whether Bjork is completely crazy or just a misunderstood genius, but one thing is for certain, she always comes up with something out of the ordinary!
… even if it’s wearing a dead swan to an awards ceremony.
In 2011 the second single from her album Biophilia was a song which she describes as “a bit of a joke”, dismissing the Big Bang theory (the actual theory, not the TV show!) as merely a creation myth.
Cosmogony has four verses, each discussing a particular creation myth. The first verse is from Native American mythology, the second from Sanskrit, the third from Aboriginal beliefs and the fourth is the Big Bang theory.
In case you wonder, Bjork personally believes in String theory.


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