Review: Riverdale

When I tell you that Riverdale is ‘loosely based on the characters from the Archie comics’ you will most probably have no interest in watching this series. And to be honest, if I knew that fact before I started, I would not have either. But other than all the characters having the same names as the Archie characters, there is really nothing in common.

As one of my friends described it, this series is ‘twisty’ to say the least. Every episodes leaves you with a ‘wtf’ moment at least once or twice.

It starts with the murder of the popular team quarterback, like any good teen drama does. Our main characters Archie Andrews and Betty Cooper find themselves trying to solve the murder while dealing with their own complicated lives. Archie is the son of a construction company owner and is expected to go work for his dad. But he wants to follow his heart and play music. Betty is in love with Archie, but he sees her nothing more than the girl next door. Veronica Lodge makes her appearance as the daughter of a rich business man, in jail for embezzlement. She seems to catch Archie’s eye but at the same time becomes friends with Betty. Archie’s best friend Jughead starts to look into the murder as well. He is the narrator of the series – as he is writing a novel about the happenings. The ‘baddy’ (or is she?) or at least one of the baddies, is the twin sister of the murdered quarterback, Cherryl Blossom.

Their lives are intertwined as only people in a small town’s can be. Their parents grew up together. They all know each other’s secrets. Or do they?

This is a complicated, intriguing, mind-blowing series.

I give it  5 geeky thumbs out of 5.


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