Geeky Song of the Day, 14 July 2017, Talkin’ Hawkin’ by Pink Floyd

Watch Talkin’ Hawkin’ here
When you think of the great rock vocalists, you may think of Ozzy Osbourne or Rob Zombie or Alice Cooper … but probably not Stephen Hawking.
But believe it or not, his computerised vocals appear on a 2014 album track by Pink Floyd, from the album The Endless River.
The group best known for ground breaking collections like The Wall and Dark Side of the Moon, recorded a largely instrumental album, but used the theoretical physicist’s voice, sampling a speech he made on a British Telecom advert and turned it into a progressive rock anthem.
The lyrical content is about the importance of communication in the advancement of technology, a subject close to Hawking’s heart, as he relies on technology to be able to communicate at all.
*If you find this song interesting, Hawking did appear on another earlier Floyd song, Keep Talking in 1993.


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