Review: GLOW

The moment we heard they were making this series, we knew we would love it. It’s about women wrestling. For us, the question is – what’s not to like? I know wrestling is not everybody’s cup of tea, but even if you aren’t a wrestling fan, the story line is good enough to keep you glued to the screen.

The 10 episode series start with Ruth (played by Allison Brie), a struggling actress down on her luck ending up at an audition with a bunch of other – down and out actresses – for a new movie about women’s wrestling. Only catch, they actually have to learn how to wrestle. The characters are hilarious – we have a wolf, a fortune cookie, a bomber, an all American etc. Even more over the top than the actual wrestling characters of the 80 (the time period it is set in) and I know, I watched! The women all have their own story, their own pains and their own agenda.

The actresses are mostly ‘unknown’ and I think I liked it that way. The only real wrestlers among the actresses were Kia Stevens better known Awesome Kong (WWE and TNA), who played “The Welfare Queen”.

Several wrestlers have cameos, so keep an eye out for Jim Morrison, Brodus Clay, Carlito, Joey Ryan, Lara James, Alex Riley, Brooke Hogan (yes Hulk Hogan’s daughter), Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian.

We loved watching it, but the end left us wanting more. It seems like it will be a two year wait for that to happen!

And just to give you an idea that the story is not THAT far fetched, I found this photo of the real GLOW wrestlers from the 80s


I give it 4 out of 5 geeky thumbs up



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