Geeky Song of the Day, July 18: A Kind of Magic by Queen

Watch “A Kind of Magic” here

It’s impossible to listen to Queen’s 1986 hit A Kind of Magic without thinking of the movie Highlander.
When the band were asked to write this song for the film, drummer Roger Taylor focused on some of the film’s catchphrases for lyrical inspiration.
The phrase A Kind of Magic is used in the film as a description of immortality, while the lyrics “one prize, one goal”, “there can be only one” and “no mortal man” are also taken directly from dialogue.
The film version was written entirely by Taylor, while for the version that was released as a single, singer Freddie Mercury rearranged the song’s order and added instrumental breaks and a new bass line.
The song reached number 3 in the UK and the top 10 in most European countries but surprisingly failed to reach the US top 40, peaking at number 42.
While Brian May’s composition Who Wants to Live Forever is possibly the more epic of the Highlander soundtrack songs, It’s a Kind of Magic will always have a special place in the hearts of both Queen and Highlander fans.


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