Geeky Song of the Day, July 24, 2017: I Feel Better than James Brown by Was (not Was)

Watch “I Feel Better than James Brown (lyric video)” here
This was one of my favourite songs of the 1990s – and also one of the weirdest.
You could call it “stream of consciousness” along the lines of Bob Dylan’s Subterranean Homesick Blues, mixed with nonsense poetry a la Edward Lear.
In fact, along the lines of The Beatles’ A Day in the Life or 2Nu’s Ponderous, you could almost call it a stream of unconsciousness.
So how does it qualify for our Geeky Song of the Day?
Well there’s references to mermaids and the Lost City of Atlantis, so you have a fantasy aspect.
Then we get a sci-fi aspect … “I was transferred to the moon – worse pay, better fellow workers”.
And for the James Bond/spy fans, there’s a good dose of espionage too. “Suddenly CIA men dressed in bikinis tried to stab us with fountain pens. Fidel blew mustard gas through his cigar and immobilised the lot of them”.
Hmmmm – wonder if those CIA men in bikinis also count as cosplay?
Ok maybe that one’s a stretch … maybe all my examples were.
Ok, maybe I just felt like listening to the song again!
We’ll try to be more genuinely geeky tomorrow!


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