Geeky Song of the Day, August 3, 2017: What would Captain Picard Do? by Hank Green

hankgreen.jpgWatch “What Would Captain Picard Do?” here

Hank Green is a YouTube sensation, entrepreneur, comedian, educator, vlogger and general over-achiever.
And he sings… not likely to ever win a Grammy or reality TV talent show … but that doesn’t stop him.
The topics of his songs are generally geeky, like the Harry Potter song Accio Deathly Hallows and the song we’re featuring today, the Star Trek Next Generation folk ballad What Would Captain Picard Do?
Sung from the perspective of Ensign Wesley Crusher and other crew members, it involves them approaching First Officer Will Riker for leadership advice which ends up in him just telling them to do what Picard would.
The five-minute long track is sure to appeal to Next Gen fans and if you enjoy it, be sure to look out for some of his other songs such as Baby, I Sold Your Dog on eBay.
“Make it so”.


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