Best Christmas Gifts 2017

We can’t believe that it’s silly season already! It feels like it started earlier this year, but this means that there is a lot of new stock in store and that we are running around to make sure everybody gets exactly what they asked Santa for.


What is popular this year?

  1. Harry Potter: Harry Potter stock is always popular. Even more so over Christmas time. And with us working on a real big surprise for you, you do not want to miss it!
  2. Star Wars: Like with Harry Potter, Star Wars is always in fashion. We have lots of keyrings, bracelets, plush toys and more in store
  3. Anime: We have Sailor Moon, Manga, Yuri On Ice, Naruto and more in stock!
  4. For the little ones: Paw Patrols, Trolls, PJ Masks, Moana and superhero costumes are always a hit. We have a lot of plush toys arriving next week
  5. Justice League :
    We have Aquaman, Wonderwoman and the rest of the crew merchandise on it’s way!
  6. Nightmare Before Christmas: It is Christmas after all! One of our personal favorite fandoms!
  7. Pocket Watches: They are always a huge favorite with all our clients. We try to have as much variety as possible.
  8. Television Series: From Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theory and much more.
  9. Unicorns: They are still big! From unicorn headbands, beanies, unicorn personalized hand made dolls to make up brushes.
  10. Funkos and Figurines: They are getting more popular by the minute! We have lots in store.

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