Barbie unveils 18 new dolls based on REAL role models

I am not a real Barbie fan – I am now talking the character Barbie. The blond with the boobs and everything she can desire – except brains!

But they are listening to us, who wants our daughters to grow up to be doctors and sports people and lawyers and business owners and artists and warriors! Yeah Barbie!!!  So here they are people….

Frida Kahlo, Artist

Chloe Kim, Snowboarding Champion

Patty Jenkins, Filmmaker

Ibtihaj Muhammad, Fencing Champion


Bindi Irwin, Conservationist

Amelia Earhart, Aviation Pioneer

Hui Ruoqi, Volleyball Champion

Ashley Graham, Model And Body Activist

Katherine Johnson, NASA Mathematician And Physicist

Hélène Darroze, World-Renowned Chef

Sara Gama, Soccer Player

Martyna Wojciechowska, Journalist

Gabby Douglas, Gymnastics Champion

Xiaotong Guan, Actress And Philanthropist

Ava Duvernay, Film Director

Yuan Yuan Tan, Prima Ballerina

Leyla Piedayesh, Designer and Entrepreneur

Nicola Adams Obe, Boxing Champion


I am fan girling so hard now!!! These are amazing. Powerful, independent women! Go Barbie!


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